I want to create a monthly budget; can you help?

Financial discipline is very necessary for a life without the stress of indebtedness. Its basic premise is to have an overview, and therefore control over one´s costs and revenues. And the easiest way to keep the finances under control is to create a so-called monthly budget. This will give us the opportunity to prevent debts and not worry about stressful circumstances that are usually related to their repayment.

Try this simple template that can serve you as a basis for your own budget in the future. Enter specific amounts in Income and Expenses on the left to immediately see the Available balance on the right:

main / secondary
main / secondary
main / secondary
rental of a room, apartment, garden...
rent + energy, mortgage, household insurance...
debts repayments, leasing, car insurance, internet, television, mobile operator ...
food, clothing, hygiene supplies, household goods, housing maintenance and repairs, garden, pet care...
transportation pass, school supplies, school canteen, clothing, hobby groups, school trips, toys / hobbies, holiday gifts...
restaurant, cinema / theater, holiday trip, hobbies, holiday gifts...
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Total income: 0
Total expenses: 0
Available monthly balance
the amount usable for installment for McGrath & Arthur / MCGA

Is your monthly balance too low or even negative?

There are definitely important things in your budget for your life, but think about at which items you need to reduce your comfort and use money to pay off your debt.

There are things that when you cut out will not only bring you more money, but even improve your health - alcohol, cigarettes, etc. You can definitely handle it. Also, many times, a loan from an employer or family can help immediately and at the same time reduce the cost of rising interest on arrears and more.

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and they will be happy to help you find your way out of the debt spiral.